Why do you teach? Teri Grimes

grimes happy
LRHS English teacher Terri Grimes enjoys her job

“Mustangs Ahead” is asking teacher “Why do you teach?” This segment is about English teacher, Teri Grimes.

I wanted to be an English teacher for as long as I could remember. Santa brought me a blackboard one year, and I would come home from school and teach my dolls and teddy bears everything I had learned in school that day. When I went to college, I enrolled in education classes, did my student teaching, and truly thought I would be a teacher. But my freshman year, as an elective, I took a journalism class and was hooked.

My high school was very small and did not have a student newspaper, much less journalism classes. I was immersed in speech and debate, student council, and other things. I continued pursuing my English major at Western Kentucky University, but I began taking more and more journalism classes and finally switched my major to journalism with a minor in English. After graduation, I worked for the Park City Daily News in Bowling Green, Kentucky, for five years. I then decided that it was time to move on. I applied to The Bradenton Herald and they offered me a job as a features reporter. For a while I loved every minute of it. Until I didn’t.

Journalism began changing in ways that made me uncomfortable. I was no longer sure that what I did made a difference. That’s when I decided to leave and pickup teaching again. I freelanced for a couple of months before being hired to teach 9th- and 10th-grade English at Bradenton Academy (which no longer exists). I taught sixth-grade English at Johnson Middle School for two years, and then wound up at LRHS in 1998. I currently teach AP Literature, Speech, and English.

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