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(LAKEWOOD RANCH,FL) – Starting high school is a huge opportunity, but can also be very nerve wracking. Mustangs Ahead staff surveyed the frequently asked freshman questions and the seniors replied with their four years of experience to help the newcomers.

One big thing about high school is the transitioning from class to class. Natalie Merill asked, “Will the hallways ever get less crowded?”

Madison Teeters replied, “Eventually when people learn their classes and get situated, it won’t be so difficult to get through the hallways.”

School spirit at Lakewood Ranch is always a topic at hand. Freshman Jake Deglman questioned, “What sport games are the best to attend?”

Senior Isis Madden has been to her fair share of games and stated, “Any game is fun to attend, especially with a group of friends. Although, my personal favorites are football, soccer, and basketball. The games are the best way to support the school and it is always fun to see Lakewood win.”

New student Dallas Rodriguez asked, “If you had to give one piece of advice what would it be?”

Erin Eilers replied, “Try to join clubs and remember to not let the stress of school get to you. Try your hardest and good things will happen.”

Electives at Lakewood Ranch are a way to learn new studies other than your core classes. Peyton Trent asked, “What are some good electives to take senior year?”

Janelle Green commented, “First aid and safety or pottery. Both of the classes are fun, but allows you to learn and pick up new things”

The lunchroom can be hectic, concerned freshman Mackenna Clarkin wondered, “What are some ways around the lunchroom which makes it easier to get around crowded areas?”

Senior Erric Hinton responded, “Get there as early as possible or wait till the end of lunch to leave.”

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