Karen Rudd – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Every year LRHS seems to more students. Everyone realizes there are hundreds of new freshmen.  There are also, however, new students who have transferred from different states or countries, starting fresh in Florida.

Junior Kinsey Paige from Wisconsin admitted, “Not a lot of people are very open, or welcoming for that matter, compared to up north.”

Paige also expressed concerns about the large classes saying, “The class sizes are super big and I feel like that would overwhelm the teachers and the students.”

Senior Chloe Brown from Australia shared a similar concern about students when she said, “Talking to people is harder since everyone is already in friend groups.”

Brown’s family moves often causing her to have lived in three different countries in 17 years. “I’ve spent my entire life going back and forth between Australia, England, and America, practically living out of suitcases at some points.”

The transition of moving can be difficult for just about every student.

Sophomore Brooke Roberts from Nebraska explained, “I lived in Omaha for about eight years and made many friends. It was super hard leaving them.”

Nevertheless, Roberts has good expectations for the school. “I’m excited for this school year and making more friends! Lots of helpful people here, too,” Roberts concluded.

Brown also stays positive stating the experience being a lot easier due to starting at the beginning of the year with other new students.

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