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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs are starting the new school year with a new elective.  Law Studies is a course that allows students to get more involved with the law.

LRHS reading teacher Anthony Cummins created this course.

cummins and sophomore malory williams
LRHS law studies teacher Tony Cummins helps sophomore Malory Wilson.

Cummins first started teaching in Hillsborough County and then was recruited out of graduate school to start a law academy at Tampa Armwood High School. He developed a successful program there and believed it was needed at LRHS.

Cummins said, “I was rewarded commendation from the supreme court of Florida for my effort.”

He left Hillsborough schools and began to work for the 12th Judicial Circuit as a Capital Homicide Investigator.

He later came to LRHS to work in the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) program.

Cummins thought he could use his expertise to teach students some valuable information about the judicial system.

The new law course was approved by administration during the third quarter of last year, and Cummins spent fourth quarter and summer to finish the curriculum. It took him about 400 hours to complete the course.

This course will be challenging and forces Mustangs to think outside the box, said Cummins.

Throughout the course students will learn basic criminal justice, the origins of American law, defenses to crime and special issues in criminal justice; juvenile justice, drugs and crime, terrorism, organized crime, and serial criminals.

Senior Breelyn Clement is looking forward to the class.

“I am in this course because I want to be a lawyer,” she said, “and I feel like this would be a good class to prepare me for the future.”

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