Mustang musicians benefit from summer program

Jamie Tarriela – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The Sarasota Orchestra Youth program is one of the best music programs in Florida. Students from across Bradenton, Sarasota, and Tampa, including numerous Mustangs, travel to Sarasota in order to participate throughout the year.

The Sarasota Orchestra supports seven different ensembles within the Youth Orchestra Program and also hosts a three week long Summer Music Camp.

The Youth Orchestra Program is a 30 week long commitment that lasts from September to April. It is separated into seven different orchestra levels.

The students must audition for the separate orchestras, and are expected to attend all of the two-and-a-half hour rehearsals held weekly.

Junior Cypress Potter said, “I’ve been a part of the Youth Orchestra Program for nine years now. I began playing when I was eight, since then I’ve never stopped playing. The instructors there have taught me almost everything I know, and each of them has their own unique style and personality.”

This year, the Summer Music Camp will be held from June 26 – July 14, and is accepting band and orchestra students of all levels.

LRHS Orchestra Director Daniel Shafer said, “I highly recommend the programs at the Sarasota Orchestra because they are some of the few places that students can go to find others that are truly passionate about music. Joining a program requires a whole new level of commitment, but they each give students a great amount of music experience and training.”