LRHS teachers design classrooms to engage as well as educate

Olivia Grant – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Stuffed animals, no desks, and beanbags? When thinking of a typical classroom, these objects are not the first things that come to mind.

However, many LRHS teachers are embracing the quirkiness of decorating their classroom. Here are five cool rooms you can find around campus.

Roxanne Caravan – Drama

caravanCaravan is the fine arts teacher and her room is glaringly different from the rest for one reason, no desks! Caravan said, “no desks lends the room to being a more open and creative environment.”

Terri Grimes – English

grimesCouches, quotes, and mister potato head? Grimes room is comfortable, quirky, and the more you look the more you find!

Amanda Hargen – English and Speech

hargenLights, camera, and poetry slam? Hargen has fitted her room with a stage for performances both in class and outside of school for poetry reading done by mustang students themselves.

Tom Honsa – Journalism and History

honsaHonsa has a room full of stuffed animals, rubber ducks, and sports paraphernalia, making for an interesting learning environment.

Sophomore Jesse Rines said, “The room helps to humanize the teacher, and you start to see them as someone with similar interests rather than just an authority figure.”

Tatum Temple – English

temple Temple’s room is constantly changing in terms of layout, and a couple bean bags added to the mix makes for an interesting room. Temple said, “I like to make it seem cozy so that students feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. I also like to change the layout so students have the opportunity to work together with different people.