Senior survey reveals many college dreams, opportunities

Maddie Mercer – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The 2017 LRHS senior survey results show what majors graduating seniors are going into and where they are going to college.  The results are based on 364 surveys collected.

LRHS college and career counselor Michelle Todoroff said 52% of students are going straight into four years of a university or college and 29% are going directly into community college.  One-hundred-sixty-three of those students are going to an in-state university/college and 30 are going to an out of state university/college.

The other 114 of those students will be going straight into community college.

The survey said 97% of students are going to a post-secondary school or into the military.

The highest percentages of students are either going into health care or other.  Other students are going into business, arts, education, engineering, or have not yet decided.

According to Todoroff, the class of 2017 attracted a lot of scholarship money.

“Private and school scholarship money that was offered or received was $3,325,000 and Bright futures scholarship money was an estimated amount of $1,100,000,” she said.