Students and teachers see year-end differently

Michael Rogers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – For an LRHS student this time of the year, not much is going on outside the classroom in their school lives. Club activities have been low, athletic teams are doing their usual business, and since prom has come and passed, not many big school functions are taking place.

Simply, not much is really happening at Lakewood Ranch High School for much of the student body.

Is it possible that as the school year comes to a close, there is not much left to be done in these last few weeks?

“Fourth quarter is getting pretty easy at this point. I don’t have too much work to do. It’s that time of the year,” said junior Javier Herrara

Junior Lauren Wheeler concurred, “It’s starting to unwind. Everything is pretty relaxed, we aren’t really doing too much. Pretty much just preparing for the summer.”

However, on the teacher end of the Lakewood spectrum, there isn’t a busier or more hectic time.

The faculty has to cram in final grades, prepare students for End of Course Exams as well as change their own schedules for them, tear down their rooms for the summer, and prepare their own in-class final exams.

“To be honest, I feel that we are busier than ever and have had probably seven or eight stories done on our chapter activities,” Said FFA adviser and LRHS agriculture teacher Susan Grainger.

English teacher Michael Wood said, “Just like a close football game, fourth quarter is crunch time. There are assignments to finish, study guides to create, exams to tweak, and grades to finalize; as well as there is also the duty of packing up and closing down the classroom. What to store, what to toss, and notes about how to do things better the next year.”