Mustangs wrapping up Advanced Placement tests

Neely Yancey – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)– Advanced Placement (AP) testing at LRHS is coming to a close for the 2016-2017 school year. AP classes provide opportunities for high school students to receive college credit while taking high school classes. AP classes have a college-level difficulty and are particularly rigorous.

Many Mustangs have finished their testing experiences. Students have taken AP exams for AP Psychology, AP U.S. History, AP Language and Composition, and AP Biology, along with others.

Junior Sydney Wicks was quite satisfied with her work on her exam for AP Psychology.

“I think I did really well,” said Wicks. “I’m looking forward to seeing my score in July. Coach (Dave) Frantz did a really good job preparing us for the exam.”

Junior Robbie Rodriguez had a few doubts about his exam.

“It was pretty difficult,” he said. “The essay prompts were very specific and required our answers to be very detailed, which was time consuming.”

Juniors Lauren Wood and Markella Paradissis-Wagner were happy with the exam process for AP Language and Composition.

“It was a lot easier than I thought,” said Wood. “Time went by really fast, but I’m mostly looking forward to seeing memes about it on Twitter.”

“I think I did very well,” said Paradissis-Wagner. “I think I prepared myself for it and I was definitely ready!”

Finally, senior Josh Kennedy felt this year’s AP Biology test was particularly challenging.

“I thought the multiple choice section was pretty easy,” said Kennedy. “However, I think AP Bio is one of the most rigorous AP tests I’ve ever taken in high school.”

All AP students should expect their results by the end of the summer.