Mustangs reflect on food favorites

Natalie Bertsch – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Students at the Ranch enjoy one to two meals daily on campus, and food is a common conversation topic. That’s why it wasn’t hard to get Mustangs to compare their favorite meals from childhood to now.

Senior Rachel Chandler described her maturing tastes as she has expanded her palette greatly from childhood.

“As a child my favorite food was saltines. Now it’s sushi. I think I preferred saltines as a child because I loved salty foods,” Chandler commented.

Junior Kerri Grimaldi described her growth as well.

“As a child I loved pickles, but my tastes have changed and now I rarely eat pickles and love dinner meals like pasta.”

Junior Katie Hoskinson described that her favorite food as a child was chicken pot pie, and it still is.

Hoskinson continued, “I think my food preferences have definitely changes as I’ve matured but chicken pot pie has always been my favorite and I don’t see that ever changing.”

Mini-Mustangs in the school’s pre-K program were eager to share their thoughts as well.  In case anyone’s forgotten what it was like to be five-years-old, Mini-Mustang Aubrey said, “My favorite foods are broccoli, salad and ice cream.”

Five year-old TJ said, “My favorite food is oranges and pancakes. My favorite dinner is chips.”

Four year-old Emerson said, “My favorite food is ice cream. For dinner I like to eat rice and noodles.”

LRHS students tended to have a more mature taste in meals.  Mini-Mustangs preferred snacks as their entire meal, but it’s probably safe to say some of the bigger kids would share that sentiment, at least sometimes.