Mustang feels special connection to mudslide victims

Roberto Rodriguez – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Lakewood Leaders is holding a drive for victims of the mudslide in Mocoa, Columbia.

LRHS junior Ana Castellanos created this drive due to her Columbian background and family members in Columbia. This mudslide caused over 200 deaths within the city of Mocoa and really touched her heart. Castellanos is an active member in Lakewood Leaders and used the large club’s members to get the word out.

Castellanos said, “I organized this drive myself through Lakewood Leaders since it’s the largest organization on campus. My goal is to collect as many supplies as many possible until the last day of school for families and citizens in Columbia that suffered from the mudslide.

“I will then at the end of the year take all the collected supplies to Mocoa Columbia where the mudslide happened when I fly to Columbia. I also have family in Columbia that I’m visiting while I fly down so I am pretty excited to be visiting family and help the country all in one trip,” she continued.