LRHS Kiddie Lit turns a successful page

Summerlin Schlemmer – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) –  LRHS seniors last week completed their “Winnie the Pooh and Shakespeare, Too” senior project.  The program is also known as the Kiddie Lit project.

Mustangs were required to write a research paper on the importance of literacy and children’s literature and then write and illustrate a children’s book of their own. Mustangs took a field trip to William H. Bashaw Elementary School on May 5 and read their books to the students.

They were graded by their LRHS and the Bashaw Elementary teachers.

Each class period was given a different grade level to work with, from kindergarten to fifth grade. Their books had to be appropriate for the grade levels given.

Every year the seniors always enjoy their time with the kids.

“The kiddie lit project was really fun to do,” said Julian Warner.  “We got to read to little kids which brought back memories when I was little and now seeing how far I’ve come to the point of my senior year and all.”

Stephanie O’Dell enjoyed the project, “It was a good experience, I am very glad I did it.”

Sandra Maddox commented, “It was great. Reading to the kids was an amazing time.”

The project was put together by LRHS English teacher Candice Delazzer.

The project went off without a hitch,” explained Delazzer. “I’m really happy with the outcome.”