Ranch Reflection – Who won’t “Grow Up”?

Ranch Reflections are articles written by students who want to share their experiences, thoughts, and concerns. This is a great opportunity for students to branch out beyond traditional news stories.

Kara Mae Mathis – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – I won’t grow up…that’s what they all say.

I was voted “Most Likely To Never Grow Up” by the senior class.  Despite this, I believe that I have grown immensely since my start here at LRHS in 2013.

Even though I have many childish tendencies, like only ever wanting to eat chicken tenders and still asking for kids menus at restaurants, my growth is more internal.

From freshman to senior years, I have learned how to let things go. Instead of holding onto petty problems, my mindset is to move on, and ignore it.

My compassion has grown a lot as well. I learned a lot when I first started in Ms. (Melissa) Koehlinger’s Exceptional Student Education (ESE) class. There I learned more than just compassion, but I also learned patience and understanding.  The wonderful and always joyful students in that class made my days better, and made me a better person.

It wasn’t until the end of my junior year when I learned what I should and shouldn’t be stressing out over. It took a lot of time, but when the realization hit me that I only had one year of high school left, and I wanted to make it my best one yet.

The final thing way I have grown in is my leadership skills. Throughout my entire high school career I have been on the cheer team. My final year on varsity, I was voted by my teammates to be one  of three of the captains.

I learned a lot throughout my journey of being a captain.  From respecting others, to kindness, I ended my high school years feeling more mature than ever.

I know that I truly never will grow up; I will always watch Disney movies Instead of doing the laundry; I will order chicken tenders over steak; and I will never stop believing in Santa Claus. Although I will forever be in a child-like state, my internal growth will never stop. In these coming years, a lot will change, and I will learn many new things, but I most likely, I will never grow up.