Seniors…ready, set, go

Megan Spranger – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The end of high school is very close for senior Mustangs. Some students are looking forward to the opportunities set ahead of them, where as some students are more nervous than anything else.

“I am ready to graduate and continue on with the next stage of my life,” said senior Surayya Taha, “I am excited to attend Florida State University in the fall.”

Graduation jitters have already set in for some students. The uncertainty of what is to come can intimidate students rather than excite them.

“Thinking about my future makes me a bit anxious at times,” said senior Gianna Peralli, “but overall I am looking forward to having a fresh start.”

Preparation that occurs prior to graduation can be more stressful than other end of the year activities. Before Mustangs can walk at graduation, they must have various things in order. Students need to return all books back to the library, receive their pink slips form the bookkeeper, and get their academic credits in order.

“Once I turn in all my books and receive my pink slip I will be good to go,” said senior Ben Price. Price has already decided where he will be attending college and feels prepared for what is ahead of him.

On the opposite end of things, some students are still unsure of what they will do after they receive their high school diploma.

“I honestly have no idea what I am doing after this,” said senior Armando Martinez.

Laney McFadden – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The school year is coming to an end for seniors. The last day of classes is May 5 and the only thing left after that is a week of exams.

The clock is ticking for seniors to pay their senior fees or any money that they may owe the school. All debts need to be paid by May 12 and all text books must be turned in as well. Senior fees are now $50 and need to be paid in order for seniors to pick up their cap and gown for graduation.

Senior fees can be paid before or after school in room 572.  This fee may be paid in cash, money order or check, payable to LRHS.