graduation duckies
Graduation rubber duckies were waiting for LRHS drama teacher Roxanne Caravan’s seniors

Olivia Grant – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – As the last day for seniors draws nearer, some LRHS teachers and underclassmen are making sure they know they’ll be missed.

Fine arts teacher Roxanne Caravans’ first period class said their “goodbyes” with orange juice and rubber ducks. Each senior was given a special rubber duck donned in cap and gown attire with a personalized messages with their breakfast.

Caravan said, “it’s like were part of a big family, and it’s important to celebrate them when we send them off for all the contributions they’ve made throughout the years whether in this class or the entire time they’re here, and were going to miss them of course.”

Nadaa Hussein, one of the graduating seniors said, “the thing I love most about the goodbye party was reminiscing on my past years in high school and knowing that I’ve left my mark.”