Abbey Shilling – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The end of the 2016-17 school year is fast approaching and Lakewood Ranch High School seniors have mixed emotions. On the one hand, there’s the obvious relief sprinkled with chocolate covered nostalgia; but the aftertaste of college-induced panic is slightly more bitter.

“I’m so out of here,” commented senior Lauren Lambert. Lambert is one of the top sopranos of the LRHS chorus. She is currently a member of the elite vocal group MustAng Capella and is a state-rated superior vocalist with plans to attend college in order to study alternative medicine.

Lambert is only one example of Lakewood Ranch’s high achieving seniors. The LRHS senior class received multiple sports, music, and academic scholarships. While students are excited to move on, the soon-to-be alumni have found themselves reminiscing about what is commonly referred to as the best four years of their lives.

“High school has held a lot of memories. I’ve gotten to experience many good things like New York, Disney Candlelight Processionals, being a part of a state ranked group, and just being able to have some of the best teachers and meeting new people who have turned out to be my best friends and family members,” said LRHS senior Caitlin Grayson.

While the seniors of Lakewood Ranch High school are reminiscing on the past four years, they’re also starting to realize that it’s the end of 12 long years of hard work, otherwise known as “Senioritis.

Each year senioritis is expected and the epidemic seems to creep up sooner and sooner each year as students reach the end of their school careers. Sleeping more, less motivation, sloppier handwriting, messier rooms, the symptoms are all there but the real question is where this other half of senior emotion come from.

“It comes from being in school for 12 years and finally seeing the finish line… just ready for it [school]  to be over,” said LRHS junior McKenzie Mazzella and when asked if she was feeling any early signs of senioritis she replied positively: “only a little, I’m just looking forward to summer right now!”

College is coming up fast for seniors at Lakewood Ranch High School and it’s bringing on a new wave of senioritis, but along with it comes high hopes for the future.