Kyle Praizner – Mustangs Ahead

LRHS Junior Advisory Board (JAB) adviser Tana Phelps would like to thank everyone for making this year’s Enchanted Evening Prom a huge success.

“Prom is over and I not only survived, but I had a great time! The students all seemed to enjoy themselves too. That would not have been possible without our mustang family. Thank you all,” said Phelps.

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Phelps also thanked all of the administrators and staff who were there to chaperon.

  • Principal Craig Little
  • Assistant Principal Valencia Lowen
  • Assistant Principal Melinda Lundy
  • Dean Jessica Kane
  • Dean Michael Escorcia
  • Dean Michael Staker
  • Dean Sarah Wonderling
  • Math teacher Amy Adams
  • School counselor Melissa Alter
  • English teacher Candice Delazzer
  • Science teacher Faust Delazzer
  • English teacher Jacob Garfield
  • Math teacher Tammy Harper
  • Custodian Tyrell Hayes
  • School counselor Tracy Jordan
  • Music teacher Ron Lambert
  • Art teacher Abby Kolesa
  • Music teacher Rebekah Lester
  • Spanish teacher Ana Plechy
  • Math teacher Jennifer Poplaski
  • Migrant liaison Bertha Salazar
  • Social science teacher Kathleen Soles (and Mr. Soles)
  • Attendance secretary Leota Walker
  • Teacher aid Elijah Weaver
  • Spanish teacher Jasmine Westerburger
  • School Resource Officer Dep. Paul Harris and his colleagues

Prom was held on Friday April 28 at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Sarasota.

A first-time prom-going student shared his thoughts.

“I’ve never been to prom before but I’ve gone to three homecomings and I kind of expected it to be the same thing, and since I didn’t go last year, I felt like I needed to go my senior year or else I would regret it,” said Senior Jeff Remador.  “I’m glad I went in the end, I had a good time with my friends and got to experience something new. If I wouldn’t have gone I totally would have regretted rerated I suggest to everyone that they go at least once.”

Some people think that you need to take a date to prom, but many people go with a group of friends and just have a good time.

Senior Garrett Kelly said, “If you go with a date, you kind of have to stay with them for the entire night. But if you go with a group of friends you can hop around between groups and hang out with everyone. Unless you are dating someone I suggest going with a group of friends and have fun.”

Junior Cortez Bado tells about her thoughts on her first prom.

“I have been looking forward to my first prom since I learned what it is,” she said. “All the movies when I was young make it seem like it’s a magical night and I wanted my prom to be like that. When I was a freshman and I had friends that went, they would always tell me how fun it was, and they would show me all of the pretty pictures with their friends, and I couldn’t wait to go myself. There were a lot of special memoires of this year’s prom, but I think the one I can always look back on are the pictures I took with my friends. We have few opportunities in high school to make memories like these, and to be able to capture them forever is priceless to me.”

The Enchanted Evening was enjoyed by over 750 LRHS Mustangs and guests.