Mustangs weigh prom vs. homecoming

Sarah Watts – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Prom and homecoming are the two major dances here at LRHS, and many Mustangs prefer prom to homecoming.

Prom differs from homecoming in many ways; prom is held at the Hyatt while homecoming is held in the school gym, and prom has much more formal attire.

Mustangs who have never attended a prom but have attended homecoming should expect a more elegant event. Prom dress code is generally more strict than homecoming, and prom is held in a ballroom with food and places to sit.

“I have attended prom once as a sophomore, and I loved it,” said junior Kailey Carpenter, “It’s a totally different experience than homecoming and is a lot of fun.”

Senior Maile Resch said, “I love prom and am very excited for this years prom.  I like it better than homecoming because it’s a lot classier and there is food at prom.”

LRHS junior Emily Weott has never attended prom, “I have heard a lot of hype about prom, and am super excited. I like homecoming, but definitely think I will like prom more because it’s a lot fancier.”

Where Do You Go For…prom dinner?

Devin Manning and Grace Sever – Mustangs Ahead

“Where Do You Go For…” – Things to do and places to be. This is where to go in Florida, you see.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With prom right around the corner, many people may have no idea where to eat.

Here are a few ideas of restaurants you can eat at before or after prom:

Junior Sammy Kedziora said, “The Cheesecake Factory is a great place to eat before prom because they have really good quality in both food and service.”

Senior Lindsey McAdoo said, “My friends and I can’t wait to eat at Duval’s. We heard they have a great atmosphere and amazing food.”

Junior Jordyn Breiter said, “Marina Jack’s is a good choice to eat and take pictures. They’re right on the water for great pictures and they have great food so you can eat right after.”