Senior Countdown – Three weeks to go

Cate Eschmann – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Seniors have three weeks of high school left and are growing very antsy for graduation.

“I feel so relieved, but also incredibly pressured,” said Alexa Thomas.

Molly Mendoza agreed, “I’m very excited for everything that’s coming up,” she said. “But I’m super stressed for prom plans and graduation. It’s just a lot going on at once.”

Nicole Catena said, “I feel great. I’m so ready to be done. Because graduation is so close, the school days really seem to be dragging on slowly.”

Tommy Finnan joked, “I’m ready to go leave the underclassmen and go to the beach.”

Sierra Parsons said, “It honestly couldn’t come any sooner. I’m so ready and excited to start something new.”

Matthew Marsh is still a little apprehensive about the end of the year.

“You know when a dog is running to go outside and smacks into a glass door? I feel like that,” he joked.

Mustangs enjoy spring holidays

Kara Gardiner – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Easter 2017 will fall on Sunday, April 16. LRHS students took the opportunity to think back on all of the traditions and exciting things they get to do every Easter.

Some students enjoy the food Easter brings the most.

Sophomore Josh Rossi said, “Every year after we do the egg hunt, my brother Ethan and I eat our Easter candy before breakfast. My parents aren’t really fond of the tradition but I love it.”

Some families eat the same types of food every Easter.

“My family and I always eat ham at Easter dinner and some years we go up to South Carolina to be with family,” said junior Jacob Enos.

Sophomore Julian Shark said, “We always have turkey at Easter. It’s been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember.”

People often think of Easter as a holiday to get together with their family and spend time with them.

Junior Michael McKeithen said, “Being with my grandparents during Easter is something my family always does and I enjoy it very much. It’s a great time to be able to see them.”

Senior Hannah Fenimore has the same family tradition, “My grandparents always come to my house for Easter. That is one of my favorite traditions of Easter.”

Many LRHS students looked forward to the famous Easter egg hunt.

Sophomore Thomas Wells said, “The egg hunt is by far my favorite Easter tradition. I’ve done an egg hunt every year since I was little.”

Sophomore Cori Lunsford feels the same.

“My mom always puts out my sister and my Easter baskets in the living room after we went to sleep and then they would be there when we woke up. Then we would do the Easter egg hunt. My all-time favorite Easter tradition would be when my mom would buy me fake eggs filled with confetti that I would get to smash on people’s heads.”

While Easter is important to some students, others celebrate different occasions in the spring. Junior Samantha Zelitt celebrates Passover, a Jewish holiday.

“My family always go to Seder (a traditional Jewish feast) the first two nights and we meet up with all of our other friends who celebrate,” she said.  “My dad makes Passover bagels every year and that’s one of the main foods of our house during Passover other than matzah.”

Freshman Emily Brandt also celebrates Passover.

“My family always begins Passover with a Seder,” she said. “We invite all of our neighbors and friends. Each year we have around 30 people at our Seder. It doesn’t matter if they are Jewish or not; everyone is invited if they would like to attend. Everyone contributes by bringing food and the leftovers we use for the rest of the week.”

Quill and Scroll spreads eggs and fun for Mini-Mustangs

Lily Osborne – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Quill and Scroll Club organized their annual Easter egg hunt for the Mini Mustangs Thursday. Members of the club filled and hid hundreds of eggs for the preschoolers to find.

easter bunny at LRHS
The Easter Bunny visited the LRHS Mini-Mustangs Thursday

Seniors Kirina Lakhwani and Nate Russell were two of the members that helped hide all of the eggs.

Lakhwani said that the event took some planning.

“We began preparing for this a couple of weeks ago,” she said.

The Quill and Scroll members prepared by buying all of the plastic eggs and filling them with candy beforehand. The members then started hiding them before lunch.

“The hunt took about an hour or so to set up with all of us helping,” said Russell. A handful of club members took the time to hide all the eggs and make sure the preschoolers would have a good time.

The club did a great job carrying out the egg hunt. Mini-Mustangs seemed to love everything, including the “real life” Easter Bunny.

Haley, a Mini Mustang, said, “I love Easter and candy and the Easter Bunny.”

Another preschooler named Blake was thrilled about all the candy he was able to grab.

“I got, like, a hundred eggs,” he said.

The Mini-Mustangs not only got to find eggs, but also met the Easter Bunny and were given bunny-shaped goodie bags.

“I enjoy being a part of this event because I love to see how happy it makes the little kids,” Lakhwani said with a huge smile on her face.

Both the preschoolers and their parents were pleased to come to the egg hunt that marked the end of a short school week.

Key Club attends convention, elects officers

Brittney Downing – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – From Mar. 30 – April 2 the LRHS Key Club attended its annual District Education and Leadership Conference (DCON) in Orlando.

“DCON was truly a unique experience for me personally. I thought it was just going to be like any other convention, but seeing how people connected over a similar desire to help the community was simply amazing,” said Sophomore Rebekah Merrill, the Key Club president-elect.

Five members attended the conference and participated in various workshops and service project exhibitions.

Current President Junior Erika Rojas said, “The experience is one of my favorite memories.”

Meanwhile, Tuesday April 11 the Key Club elected its 2017-2018 officer board.

“I think this board is a strong one and will help improve the club,” said Rojas, the outgoing president.

The 2017-18 LRHS Key Club officers are:

  • President – Sophomore Rebekah Merrill
  • Vice President – Junior Erika Rojas
  • Secretary – Freshman Jenna Hernandez
  • Treasurer – Junior Serena Rojas
  • Editor – Junior Brittney Downing
  • Webmaster – Junior Noelle Kourakos

Merrill said, “I hope to focus on membership growth. Having active members will increase the amount of volunteers at each event and at trips like that to DCON.”

The club plans to hold a celebratory pizza party at their next meeting on Tuesday, April 18.

“Since we are a little group of current members, but no matter how small the role, have an incredible opportunity to express leadership by participating in the growth and rebirth of our club,” said Key Club adviser Terry Thompson.

School counselors start student meetings

Devin Manning and Grace Sever – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS school counselors will be meeting with juniors to get ready for their up incoming senior year classes.

Counselors are doing this is to prepare students to succeed in their senior years and beyond.

School counselor Melody West said, “We are hoping to meet with every junior before the end of next week.”

West also added that students who haven’t been called down yet not to panic because they will talk to you.

Junior Jordyn Breiter looks forward to setting up her next year.

“I really like how the guidance counselors are calling us down to stay on track,” she said.

Counselors will meet with sophomores and freshmen after completing the junior visits.