Mustangs bring home career info

Summerlin Schlemmer – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs were given a letter Friday that shows some surprising facts about education and income.

This letter, a two-page summary of the State Department to Economic Opportunity’s economic security report, provides students, parents, and others with information on how much money graduates make from a two year college and a four year college.

The report compares the 15 most popular fields of study of associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.

The statewide average for associate’s degrees is $36,176, while a bachelor’s degree average is $34,456.

LRHS college and career counselor Michelle Todoroff, said, “This shows how it is important it is to think about a career instead of just a degree. Many career paths require a four-year degree. There is a long list of growing careers that will earn you a strong income, that can be from a technical college or at a two-year community college. A shortage of qualified skilled workers in various fields that have a high income potential such as, dental hygiene, $65,000 which only requires a two year degree.”

A General Nurse with an associate’s degree makes an average of $50,944, while registered nurses with a four-year degree make $52,212. Biology/ Biological Sciences are the lowest bachelor’s degree income at $26,308, and the lowest for an associate’s degree is Executive Secretary at $27,512.

LRHS technology teacher and Technology Students Association (TSA) adviser Ben Long, said, “The value of technical education is that it is training directly that relates to a specific skill set that translates to a job for a career. Where as, your traditional Bachelor’s degree translates to a major, but it doesn’t translate directly to a job which means a probability of being places is less.”

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