2016-17’s final SAT deadline approaches

Grace Harvey and Lilly Hodge – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Time is running short for LRHS seniors and means there is not much time left for seniors who haven’t yet taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).

Two remaining dates are left for seniors to take the exam.

The regular deadline that costs $45 without essay (with essay is $57) is on Friday, April 7. The late deadline for mailed registration is $73 without the essay (with essay $85), and late registration online or by phone is on April Two 5. Scores will be released to students with an account on June 8 on the college board website. https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/

It is important for seniors to register as soon as possible because these scores will apply to the Bright Futures state scholarship program. The requirement for the bright futures scholarship is:

  Florida Medallion Scholars Florida Academic Scholars
SAT/ACT 1170/26 1290/29
Community service hours 75 Hours 100 Hours
GPA 3.00 3.50

Students will also need to have completed:

  • Four years of English (Three that include substantial writing).
  • Four years of mathematics (at or above the Algebra 1 level).
  • Three natural sciences (Two 2 must have substantial laboratory).
  • Three social sciences.
  • Two year world language (must be of the same language).

If anyone who misses the next deadline there is one more chance to take it. This will be held on June 3 and the deadline to sign up is May 9 with a fee of $45 without essay (with essay is $57). The late mailed registration is May 16 with a fee of $73 without essay (with essay $85). Late registration made online or by phone without essay is $73 (with essay $85). Test scores come out July 12 on the college board website.

IMPORTANT: if you test on June 3, make sure you bring your scores to the registration office to LRHS registrar Denise Turner as soon as possible.

This is crucial for seniors because the deadline for FFA (Florida Financial Aid) application is Aug. 31 after high school graduation. Students will need to create an online application on the FFAA website.

LRHS school counselor Melissa Alter says “It’s not too late to try to earn the qualifying score for one of the Bright Futures Scholarships – register by April 7 for the May SAT or you can also use the June SAT and/or ACT scores. If you earn the qualifying scores on the June test, be sure to bring into LRHS registrar Mrs. Turner in June and she’ll resend your transcript to Bright Futures.”