Senior Timeline – April

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Emma Stock – Mustangs Ahead

Throughout the year “Mustangs Ahead” will be helping LRHS seniors navigate the time period between day one of senior year and graduation. This monthly update will keep senior students on the graduation timeline.

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Seniors, the month of April has arrived! It is that last full month of high school. Are you ready to graduate?

A few things to keep in mind before graduation:

  • Picking a school/university, intended major
    • Filling out the necessary paperwork
  • Studying for Exams
    • Finding out the dates and times for Advanced Placement (AP) classes
      • If trouble with AP and other class exams consult the teacher
    • Graduation party/celebration plans
      • Graduation announcements
      • Party plans
      • Thank you cards
    • Start planning for college
      • List of materials needed for college
      • Budgeting plans

Most schools and universities have sent out their acceptance and reject letters, and now it is time to commit. Picking a school is a tough choice and will affect you for a minimum of two years so make the right one! Once the choice is made, the next step is filling out the paperwork. Paperwork for students moving away from home might include health information and preferred hospital, emergency contacts, billing address and much more.

Once that is complete focus on passing the final high school exams. This year will be tricky for seniors since senior exams and AP exams are scheduled for the same week. Talk to your teachers and arrange a game plan.

After high school is all said and done it’s party time! Check to make sure all your plans are set. Reviewing the guest list and getting an early start on thank you cards might make things easier down the line.

Sitting down with parents before leaving your childhood behind might make the transition easier. Knowing what you need before arriving on day one is a smart move. According to online student sites stores might run out of the more popular dorm items such as bedding and electronic items. Researching  must-haves and accessories can help keep things in order. Arranging a budget plan with your parents might help financially and possibly emotionally.   Knowing your limits and setting a plan to achieve your goals are actions set to achieve success.

Enjoy the time you have before leaving LRHS, but do not get caught up in all the euphoria.  Get some stuff done before the big day comes. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.