LRHS FFA knows its veggies


Taylor Butler – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- The LRHS FFA vegetable judging team is taking part in a mock vegetable judging test March 31 in Orlando.

There are two divisions; one consists of a junior team, freshmen Kylee Graham, Shannon Ray, and Holly Grathwohl, and a senior team, juniors Isabelle Chamness, Alyssa McKinney, Jessica Bierds, and Ashley Scalzi.

It takes many hard hours of practicing and studying all about vegetables to make a team.

“We identify kinds and varieties of vegetables, insects, diseases, seeds, placing classes, and a written exam,” explained Chamness.

Participating in the mock test helps the teams see what they have learned and what they need to improve upon.  The real competition will take place Apr. 22 and will last a full day.

Anyone interested in learning how to compete in future competitions should visit room 914.