LRHS recognizes “Pi” Day

Samantha Marino – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – Tuesday was March 14, or 3/14, also known as National “Pi” (3.14) Day.  LRHS students and teachers mark the day with t-shirts and their favorite type of pie.

The LRHS math department supplies math teachers with t-shirts for Pi Day to use each year. Some teachers bring pie for their classes to celebrate the fun side of math.

pi day teachers
LRHS math teachers Macie French (l) and Meghan Sugalski show off their “Pi Day” shirts

Math Teacher Amy Adams planned to make oatmeal pies for her classes to introduce them to a new flavor and incorporate a hands-on activity into her teaching.

While Florida declared in 2006 that the state pie was Key Lime Pie, Mustangs don’t necessarily agree.

Junior Jamie Tarriela said, “I have liked strawberry pie ever since I tried the one my aunt made.”

Freshman John Marino said, “Chocolate pudding pie is the best, especially around the holidays.”

Some Mustangs prefer different foods in the shape of pies.

Senior Nadaa Hussein said, “I don’t like regular pie because it’s too sweet. I like to celebrate with pizza pies.”

Whether celebrated with edible pie or the mathematical concept, Pi Day can be an important to remind students about the importance of math.