Golden Herald candidates face interviews, both mock and real

 Grace Harvey and Lilly Hodge – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – This is a big week for the LRHS Golden Herald nominees.  On Wednesday, students had their mock interviews on campus.  On Saturday, they will report to the Bradenton Herald office for their actual interview, which will only be a 10-minute formal interview.

Golden Herald is an award sponsored by the Bradenton Herald that honors outstanding Manatee County high school seniors for their service to schools and community. Students can apply 15 categories ranging from business to sports.

English teacher Candice DeLazzer, who coordinates the LRHS Golden Herald program, said, “I compile a panel of judges who will interview each candidate to give them a little practice before the actual interviews.”

For the practice interviews, each candidate had a 10-minute formal interview session with their judges, then a 5-minute question and answer period to talk to the judges and get verbal feedback on their performance. The judges then filled out a slip that gave suggestions on their performance.

“As always, I think we have an excellent slate of candidates this year.  Every year, I am always amazed at the service the seniors do for their school and community,” DeLazzer commented.

The nominees for this year are –

Athletics – Brice Easton, Maria Gonzalez

Citizenship – Krinia Lakhwani, Alex Williams

Computers & Technology – Christian Balos, Hillary Borjas

English & Literature – Nadaa Hussein

General Scholarship – Molly Mendoza, Luke Hanner

Journalism – Courtney Kreiling

Music – Savannah Carpenter, Lila Reeser

Science – Emma Stock

Speech and Drama – Alena Stranovsky

Vocational – Caitlin Grayson, Taylore Homan