What are LRHS’s top electives?

Kaylene Wood– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL)- Lakewood Ranch High School has many electives to choose from. Some are a lot more popular than others, and some of the popular options may be surprising.

According to assistant principal Valencia Lowen, these are the top five electives in order of popularity.

1. 2D Studio Art


2-D Studio Art is required if you plan on taking any other visual arts class. Students experiment with drawing, painting, collage making, and designing. They will also be taught about the history of art styles and are expected to be able to critique works of art.

2. Early Childhood 1

The LRHS Mini Mustangs eagerly anticipate the coming holidays.

Early Childhood is the beginning of a course in child care. Students become certified through the state of Florida and are educated on child growth, health, abuse, and nutrition.


3. TV Production 1

TV Production 1 is for beginning and novice visual communications students. They are expected to learn studio operations, camera and script basics, and editing tools.

4. Applied Engineering Technology 1


This is a beginning engineering class where students use hands on technology such as engravers and 3-D modeling to display basic robotics and technology. Creating dimensioned drawings and computer models is a large part of this class.

5. Foundations of Web Design 1


This class is about learning how to use Photoshop and Dreamweaver. The curriculum guide is located here for more schedule information.