Mustangs ready for Valentines Day

Natalie Bertsch – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching Mustangs are making plans. Whether students are scheduling a movie date or a dinner out, the students are excited to have a special night.

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Senior Brooke Pion is celebrating Valentine’s Day early because her boyfriend is in college. Pion said, “I’m celebrating this weekend when my boyfriend Daniel comes home. He has a surprise planned and I’m really looking forward to it.”

“I haven’t gotten him a gift yet, so I’m hoping to go shopping tonight. We decided to go small on gifts this year, which I was happy about. I just love to spend time with him,” she continued.

Sophomore Travis Freeman will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day over the weekend. Freeman said, “I’m going to take my girlfriend out to dinner on Saturday, and I have surprised her with concert tickets. I think she will really like them. I’m excited for the night.”

Junior Ally Boudreau is spending this Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend Michael. Boudreau said, “I’m celebrating on Valentine’s day by going out to dinner. We have a reservation for Flemings’ and I’m really excited. I hope he likes the gift I got him. I figured you can never go wrong with clothes!”

Senior Taylore Homan will be single this Valentine’s day. Homan said, “I’m going to hangout with my closest girl friends and have a single ladies party. I’m not upset about being single; it gives me time to focus on friends…and Netflix.”