Michael Rogers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The notorious third quarter of the school year has finally rolled around. Often viewed as the most rigorous, important, and seemingly longest quarter of the year, the third quarter is dreaded by many students.

Infamously starting off with the return to school after winter break, it often gives students a rude awakening.

“Third quarter definitely seems to be the hardest quarter. It’s like the quarter where we do the most work in class,” said Lauren Wheeler, junior.

Students are fully settled into the school year and begin to delve into the more challenging parts of their courses.

Classes get harder, homework and quizzes become more frequent, SAT and ACT tests occur, and the anticipation of finals looms over students.

“After four years, quarter three has been consistently the toughest stretch of the year. It’s always been harder work-wise, all the classes suddenly get more complicated,” said Christian Malaga, senior.

Possibly being unsatisfied with their semester one report cards, the arrival of the new term often puts pressure on students to really cram in their grades.

Junior Everardo Salazar said, “I feel like third quarter is the hardest for sure. The first quarter is kind of relaxed, just getting back into school; second quarter is harder but still not too bad, fourth quarter is also kind of laid back because summer break is coming up, but third quarter is definitely the hardest part of the year academically.”

Sophomore Bella Barbalato agreed.

“I never look forward to the third quarter,” she said.  “That’s the part of the year where everything seems to take forever and you just are overloaded from school.”

One upside to the period, though is that the quarter ends with the week long, much celebrated, spring break.

Students can look forward to a relaxing week off after 10 weeks of hard work at the Ranch.

“Nobody seems to really like quarter three, but I don’t mind it because quarter three means spring break! Yeah the work might seem harder, but a week at the beach is honestly worth it,” said sophomore Jake Brown.

Senior Aliyah Solomon said, “I don’t worry about quarter three too much. I actually look forward to it because of spring break. I’m looking forward to going to the beach all break pretty soon.”