Mustangs pledge to “Students Above the Influence”

LRHS juniors Sydney Wicks (sitting, l) and Halie Basden register Mustangs Summer Sclemmer and Bryce Boese for the Students Above the Influence agreement

Grace Harvey and Lilly Hodge – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs are pledging not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Last year, over 300 hundred students pledged and the Student Government Association (SGA) hopes their Students Above the Influence (SAI) numbers grow this year.

Students are singing a pledge in the school cafeteria to show their commitment against the use of substances while driving. Students get an SAI button and a coupon.  The coupons can be exchanged for gift cards at fast food restaurants.

Every year, more than 28,000 people lose their lives due to alcohol or drug related crashes. A car crash is responsible for the death of one teen every hour. In over 45% of those crashes, alcohol is involved. Overall, motor vehicle crashes cause the deaths of over 35% of people aged 16-20.

LRHS is trying to bring awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving at the same time. By starting a conversation about this topic, students are making young adults more aware of dangers on the road.