Grace Harvey – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – There are many places in this world that cause excitement in people wanting to get the highest point of adrenaline. They need to go somewhere just to experience a new place, a different culture or to see the most beautiful places on earth.

Among the top dangerous places people visit are: North Korea, Columbia, Mexico, Russia, Iraq and Ethiopia. Most of these countries have an extremely high rate in crime, poverty, strict laws, robberies, murders, and kidnappings of tourists.

Senior Lilly Hodge said, “My top places that I want to visit are Columbia, Mexico, and Syria. The reason for this is because I want to see how people live. I feel like we’re never happy with what we have so it would be a huge eye opener for me.”

One of the most popular places tourists like to visit is a famous road in Bolivia called Yungas Road. It is notoriously called “the Road of Death” since it claims the lives of hundreds of people each year.

Senior Millie Harvey said “I want to visit the road of death because it is very thrilling. I also want to visit Jerusalem, to feel a much closer connection to Jesus Christ.”

LRHS JROTC SGT Cassidy has visited many countries in central America one being Haiti. He was there prior 9/11 fighting the drug trade.

Cassidy said, “historically Haiti looks like its been back in time fifty years with poor infrastructure and no sustainable money flow in the country.” This is why people in Latin America have a corrupt drug system because the government isn’t providing jobs, education, and industry for change, so they have to rely on the drug money.

Honors and advanced placement (AP) Spanish teacher Lillian Martinez has roots in Cuba. \

She said, “Being aware of your surroundings is important, you have to be smart and should never walk alone at night, especially if you’re a woman.”

Martinez has also visited China she realized many things, “the news broadcast in the US that we follow is definitely worse and more scary when you experience it first hand,” she said.

Many of these countries that people want to visit either have very strict laws or have corrupt government systems. Tourists should remember to stay safe when traveling to unknown cultures. Remember that many countries don’t allow women’s rights or freedom of speech.