JROTC offers more than military future

McKenzie Mazzella– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The Junior Reserved Officer Training Corps (JROTC) mission statement is “to motivate young people in becoming better citizens”. But what do students get out of the program, and why join it?

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JROTC is the Junior version of “Reserved Officer Training Corps,” which some colleges and universities offer. ROTC trains college students for future service in the branches of the US military.

JROTC is an elective course run by the United States Military offered at LRHS. The mission of the program is not to force military duty after high school but to provide military structure and skills to students enrolled in the program.

Junior Bree Mazzella said, “I saw the class in the course selection book when I was going into ninth grade. I liked the idea of the class and it looked fun. Then Sophomore year I got more involved in the program which made it worth joining. After high school I plan on joining a ROTC program in college or enlisting in the army.”

Throughout the nation there are around 1,600 JROTC programs.

About 30-50% of all JROTC students around the country will join one of the five branches of the military (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, or Navy) and serve either actively or as a member of the reserves.

LRHS Freshman Gavin Goeden is “interested in joining the army. I thought it would teach me more about the core military values, I plan on getting help and advice on how to join and how to use the techniques I learned in the program when I do.”

“I joined JROTC to be something bigger and better than myself,” said senior Barry Porter. Porter has enlisted in the military early, and plans to serve right after graduation.

“One day it clicked, I knew I can be someone and do something that would someday make a difference. I have a passion for helping others who need it. I saw brotherhood and I knew I wanted that. So I signed up for JROTC as a stepping stone to me joining the United States Army. It helped teach me doing the right thing when others aren’t watching, it also taught me leadership skill that I know I will use later in life,” Porter commented.

Joining JROTC allows student to develop leadership, discipline, and self confidence skills that they will carry with them through out life whether they join the military or not.