Seniors reminded about long-forgotten costs

Sebastian Scalera – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Senioritis may beckon the class of 2017, but there are still some things that seniors can’t kiss goodbye quite yet. As the finish line comes closer and closer, so do certain deadlines and tasks that can be forgotten year in and year out. Mustangs Ahead has gathered them all here in a useful article so that seniors can finish out their last semesters unscathed.

  1. Athletic Uniforms and Equipment: Kids weren’t supposed to keep their practice jerseys from freshmen football. As surprising as it may be, unless it was specified that kids could keep specific equipment from the sports they played, the coaches are probably missing those unreturned track uniforms. Students should return everything they can as soon as they can, which brings us to our next forgettable item.
  2. Check Under the Bed: A lot of students have lost track of a textbook or two under their beds or in their cars. Seniors need to make sure to round those books up and return them, otherwise the fines that come with keeping a book past its due date will prevent them from walking across that stage in May. Books are not the only thing that students might need to pay fines for, though.
  3. Get to the Bookkeeper: A lot of times, students don’t even realize that they have fines to pay if they want to graduate. Parking fines and overcharged lunches can sneak up on procrastinating kids, preventing them from graduating. Students need to visit the bookkeeper and make sure their balance is where it needs to be.
  4. Financial Aid and Scholarships: College bound students need to fill out the FAFSA to get a piece of the unclaimed $2.9-billion in financial aid from the government. Bright Futures and other school specific scholarships don’t earn themselves either, which is too often forgotten by seniors.

Other important things for seniors to do include focus on senior fees and keep their grades up. Students should keep an eye on Mustangs Ahead and other LRHS news outlets to make sure they don’t miss any important deadlines or tasks.