Mustangs reflect on ten years of iPhone

Devon Duran and Nick Maxham – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Monday was the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Ten years ago, Apple’s impact on the average citizen wasn’t near as large as it is today. Today, Apple is the leading cell phone provider and it’s hard to imagine life without them. Even if you are not an iPhone owner, you still communicate with smartphones.

Alarm clocks are the first thing most students hear in the morning and are a pivotal tool for everyone.

iPhone user Berk Basar, senior, said, “every night I set my alarm on my iPhone to wake up on time for school.”

Not only did Apple revolutionize the population’s idea of a phone, but they also incorporated a very unique feature called Facetime. This allows you to video chat through a app with other apple devices.

Junior Michael Conway said, “I love facetime, I use it on a daily basis to talk with my friends and especially my girlfriend.”

The iPhone also is a huge social media outlet. This phone allows people to check and upload pictures to websites/apps directly from the device.

Senior Sarah McKenna said, “I have the new 7 plus iPhone. It takes amazing photos and I can post these pictures to Instagram, twitter, snapchat, and VSCO.”

Other tools include texting, using Safari and YouTube, games and other apps. Many people also have notifications sent to their phone informing them about the latest news, weather or other topics.