Mustangs divided on individual vs. group work

Summerlin Schlemmer and Sarah Watts – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – The first semester is coming to an end which means many Mustangs have a final project due.

Academic work is heavily affected by whether one is working in a group or individually. While group projects are a way to gain experience with teamwork, some Mustangs prefer to be responsible for their own efforts. There are many benefits to working alone or in a group.

Working in groups increases the work efficiency because students can share ideas, gain new friendships and exchange different qualities.

“I like working in groups,” said sophomore Andrew Wallis, “I like being able to combine ideas and share opinions with others.”

Students who work individually will receive all the credit, may be able to concentrate better and take charge of goals.

Junior Kailey Carpenter prefers to be responsible for her own work, “I do not trust others to do a good job. I know that if I do the project myself, it’ll turn out well.”

Senior Male Resch said, “I only like working on things individually. I like to be responsible for my own work, and not have to rely on others.”