Mustangs ready for some (college) football

Mike Rogers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) -College football bowl season is here and the sport is a growing pastime among Americans nationwide. Football games played between colleges are becoming more popular each season.

For many, college football has become more enjoyable than the Nation Football League (NFL). Fans and alumni are often more personally and passionately involved in the games.

Fans are not limited to students and alumni of the schools; kids whose family members have attended, university hopefuls in high school, and alumni add to the huge fan base.

LRHS has many students who are devoted fans to universities. Students can often be found bantering about their teams.

“I like college better. College has younger players with a different style of play. I think people like college football a lot because there’s nothing like supporting your school’s team,” said sophomore Emma Donato, sporting a University of Florida Gators sweatshirt.

“I like UF because that’s where I’m planning to go after high school,” Donato added.

Junior Jack Hudson said, “College is definitely better. In college ball there’s a lot more excitement, more highlights, and with college, they’re playing with more of a meaning. It’s for your school. I’m a huge FSU fan because I grew up with FSU football, most of my family has gone there and I plan on going too.”

Junior Taylor Jefferson said, “College is easier to get into for me than the NFL.  My mom went to FSU so I’m a fan and they are better than the Gators.”

Another aspect of college ball that attracts fans is the genuine and heated rivalries between certain schools that the NFL teams can’t seem to capture. These rivalries are hot topics around LRHS, and many find rivalry games to be the best part of the season.

“FSU’s rival is UF. It’s always an intense game and a good matchup. That game is guaranteed to be heated,” said Hudson.

Jefferson agreed, “It’s a big rivalry between the Gators and the Seminoles. When the games come around my family gets really hyped. It’s a big deal.”

Despite a noticeable portion of college-leaning fans, many still favor the professional, classic National Football League.

“The NFL to me is better. It’s bigger, more experienced players playing better football. It’s really not comparable,” said sophomore Kieran Connolly.

Senior Logan Bounds agreed.

“The NFL will always be, to me, better football than college,” he said. “The gameplay will always be better, the skill that goes into a pro game will always be better than college ball. I’m a fan of both, but the students can’t touch the masters.”