Freshmen prepare for first round of exams

Devin Manning and Grace Sever – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Midterms are next week at LRHS. Of course many students may be nervous for their midterms, but for freshman this s their very first high school exams.

Freshman Luke Malzan said, “I am very nervous to take my first ever High School Exams but I know I will do pretty well on the majority of them.”

With Winter Break so close to exams students can lose focus on their midterms. Students may be thinking about their plans instead of taking time to study.

Freshman Morgan Hoffman said, “I’m nervous for my midterms but excited for Winter Break, but I think I’ll do good on my midterms.”

Freshman Caitlin Piro said, “It’s hard to balance the thought of winter break and midterms being so close, I’m just happy that when we come back after break we won’t have to worry about midterms.”