Mustang JROTC preps major winter event

Summerlin Schlemmer – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – Lakewood Ranch’s Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) is working on one of its major events of the year, the Winter Formal dance Dec. 2 at Lakewood Ranch Country Club.

The preparation that goes into this dance takes a lot of time, and effort. JROTC started planning this dance last December, right after the 2015 event. They have to plan the music, the date, the food, the Color Guard, the photos, and much more.

JROTC instructor Lt. Col. Richard Roller said, “We have 206 students going, which is more than last year. We have to deal with the DJ which requires contracts, and the music selections.”

The DJ will play the National Anthem, Christmas Music during the dinner, and appropriate music for the actual dance piece.

JROTC instructor Sgt. William Cassidy said, “This event takes a lot of planning, including Color Guard.  We pick students ahead of time that are more experienced with the flags to make everything run smoothly. They have to show up early at 5 p.m. to practice before the event starts.”

Battalion Commander Jennifer Gaffers, senior, said, “All the parts of the staff started working awhile ago on this dance. They are doing their specific part, and then they all come together to get the event going and done to the standard that is expected.”

Junior Mckenzie Mazzella said, “My preparation started mid-week. I had to buy my dress, my shoes, and to get my nails done. Before the dance, I will have to do my hair and makeup which takes me about two hours. Then I am going to take pictures with my date and friends. It takes a lot of time just before the dance starts.”

Senior Derek Hadley said, “I have been part of Color Guard for four years now. So my preparation is not much, everything is a routine for me now. I will be wearing my Class B uniform.”