Mustangs divided on individual vs. group work

Summerlin Schlemmer and Sarah Watts – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – The first semester is coming to an end which means many Mustangs have a final project due.

Academic work is heavily affected by whether one is working in a group or individually. While group projects are a way to gain experience with teamwork, some Mustangs prefer to be responsible for their own efforts. There are many benefits to working alone or in a group.

Working in groups increases the work efficiency because students can share ideas, gain new friendships and exchange different qualities.

“I like working in groups,” said sophomore Andrew Wallis, “I like being able to combine ideas and share opinions with others.”

Students who work individually will receive all the credit, may be able to concentrate better and take charge of goals.

Junior Kailey Carpenter prefers to be responsible for her own work, “I do not trust others to do a good job. I know that if I do the project myself, it’ll turn out well.”

Senior Male Resch said, “I only like working on things individually. I like to be responsible for my own work, and not have to rely on others.”

Stage fright silents would-be singers

Caitlin Grayson – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Anywhere you go, especially this time of year, there are people singing, whether its Christmas carols, a song from the radio, the same few lyrics that they have stuck in their head, or an actual performance.

The people you see singing out for all to hear either love to sing, or can’t sing but do it anyway for their own enjoyment.

Then there are the people who are afraid to sing out.

So what stops these people from singing in public?

There are many different factors such as; stage fright, the fear they aren’t good enough for the public or the fear of being judged by everyone who catches a note of their singing.

Senior Mariana Tlahuitzo said, “I don’t like the attention to be on just me.”

Sophomore Kelsie Phaneuf said, “I have really bad stage fright.”

Freshman Kira Littlejohn said, “It’s humiliating because I think I can’t sing.”

Math teacher Cindy Lancaster said, “I usually don’t know all the correct words and I can’t sing.”

Senior Makayla Mench said, “Personally, it annoys me when people can’t sing…which is why I choose not to sing in public.”

LRHS Spanish teacher Clara Westerburger saidm “It’s not something I have an interest in,  You have to love to perform in order to even consider to do it. The only singing I’ve done is lullaby’s to my son when he was a baby.”

Mustangs have many dates to remember after winter break

Grace Sever – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – With first semester exams over and winter break here, many students need to be reminded of some important school days upon the return of students on Jan. 9, 2017.

January 9 is a skinny day, meaning Mustangs go to all seven classes for a shortened period of time. At the start of the school day students will report to their alphabetical homerooms. Alphabetical homeroom lists are posted around campus and are available on the school’s website.

January 10 will be an odd-day schedule.

Meanwhile, LRHS will hold its annual open house 6-7:30 p.m., Jan. 11.  This open house is an opportunity for prospective Mustang families to get to know opportunities LRHS has to offer.

“Lakewood’s open house is the perfect time for incoming and undecided students to meet teachers, staff and get an overall feel of our school as they explore our beautiful campus,” said LRHS Principal Craig Little.


Got a club idea? Not so fast…

Sammy Kedziora – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Although it may seem simple, starting a club can sometimes be very complicated. Between the name, the members, finding an adviser and a place to hold meetings, things may not always go as planned.

A new club at LRHS, ‘Hey Dude. Be Nice’, is a club for volunteering and getting students to go out of their way to do simple acts of kindness for people in the school and community. For example, the club plans to surprise a retiring staff member to thank them for the time and efforts they put into working here.

The issue is that there is already a campaign with the name ‘Dude. Be Nice’.

LRHS English teacher and prospective club adviser Michael Wood and officers including senior Andrew Stevens have been planning to meet with the existing campaign’s corporate officials for a few months but unfortunately they have conflicting schedules.

A meeting was planned for Dec. 15, but conflicted with exams.

“The meeting was supposed to be on the 15th but since midterms are coming up, we had to move it to next semester,” said Stevens.

The meeting will hopefully take place early second semester and the club can go forward with a new name.