Italian wedding makes memories for Mustang


Sarah Watts Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS junior Cassidy Martin recently had a life changing experience, as she was able to travel to Italy for a wedding.

Martin traveled with her mother and sister, and she flew out on Oct 20.

LRHS junior Cassidy Martin’s Italian experiences included a visit to the famous Coliseum

“We drove from Atlanta to Rome, and it was a 14-hour flight,” she said.

Martin began her adventure by visiting Vatican City. This city is surrounded by Rome, and is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

“The first thing I saw when we arrived in Rome was the Vatican City. This was an amazing way to start off the trip, as we were able to see museums and sculptures,” said Martin.

The Colosseum and Forum was Martin’s next stop. This historical amphitheater was built in A.D. 70 and is the center of Rome.

“This was one of my favorite things I saw. The Colosseum was absolutely beautiful,” she said.  “We saw a lot of amazing buildings and relaxed,” Martin said.

Martin and family then took a three-hour bus drive to Tuscany, “We stayed at San Fedele. Here, we saw a lot of Renaissance artwork. This was one of the most historical places we visited.”

Next, Martin traveled to San Gimignano, which is another part of Tuscany.

“My favorite thing we did in San Gimignano was eat gelato,” she said. “We ate gelato that has been rated best in the world, which I definitely agree with.

“Another memorable event from Florence was seeing David. It is a very famous statue done by Michelangelo, and it was very cool to see,” said Martin, “However, I think my favorite thing we did was go horseback riding through the vineyards. That was an unforgettable experience.”

Martin then spent a relaxing day at a thermal mineral spa.

“The spa was also unforgettable. It was a really cool way to see another part of Italy’s culture.”

The wedding was Martin’s final destination while in Italy.

“The wedding was on Thursday at 3 in the afternoon. It was beautiful and so much fun.”

Martin flew back on Oct 31. “The food, weather, and opportunities I experienced in Italy were a blast. Italy is the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and the temperature was in the 50s the whole time I was there, which was very nice,” Martin stated.

“It was an amazing experience because we got to do so many things that some people would only dream of doing. I am so grateful that my family had this chance to see such a different and beautiful culture,” she said.