Donations rivalry means good fun and good news for the less fortunate

Abbey Shilling – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS teachers Meghan Sugalski, Faust Delazzer, and Drexel Houston are known to have a long-running rivalry in everything from pranks to healthy competition during the school’s annual canned food drive.

“The canned food drive competition began last year because we like to mess around and play pranks on each other,” says Sugalski.

The rivalry becomes something of a team sport between the teachers each year as their respective classes get involved. In past years students have worked with their teachers to help pull off comedic pranks including sticky noting or even saran wrapping one of the opposing classrooms.

“My freshman year Mr. Houston’s classroom got saran wrapped and every time he wanted to use something, like the stapler, he had to take the time to unwrap it first,” said junior McKenzie Mazzella.

The healthy competition seems to have only positive effects as students look forward to hearing stories of past pranks and the recent tales of mischief from Houston, Sugalski or Delazzer. In addition, it enhances the three coworkers’ friendship.

The 2016-17 canned food drive is no exception to the rule. Delazzer, Houston and reigning champ Sugalski all competed along with their students to see which class could collect the most cans.

When the canned food drive ended Thursday Sugalski defended her title, becoming a two-year canned food drive champion.

“It’s all in good fun,” said Houston.

The school will announce its final canned good numbers after the Thanksgiving break.