Mustang tri-athlete tests the college rowing waters

Gretchen Ebert – LRHS News

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – LRHS senior triathlete Emma Stock has run, biked and swam.  Now she has a new way of getting around, rowing, and has decided to continue competitive sculling at Drake University in Iowa.

LRHS senior Emma Stock (third from back) will soon take her crew skills to college

“I started rowing only a year ago when I injured myself running triathlons,” stated Stock. “My friend ran with me and when she got injured she started rowing. That’s what inspired me to begin rowing, too.”

Stock has been rowing for Sarasota Crew since the summer of 2015.

One might think that rowers only use their arms, but Stock explained that the whole body is used.

“Not only do I use my arms, but I also use my legs, core, and all my muscles as a whole,” she said. “They never stop moving.”

Just like all sports, staying motivated and practiced can sometimes be hard, especially when working with a team.

“Timing is important in this sport so sometimes you get frustrated when you or one of your teammates messed up” Stock said. “That’s why we practice six days a week for four hours.”

This season Stock is rowing a 5k with her team.