Mustangs shift focus after homecoming

Summerlin Schlemmer and Sarah WattsMustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Now that the excitement of Homecoming has ended and Thanksgiving break is a few weeks away, Mustangs have some time to focus on school.

As second quarter is in full swing, many students are focusing on keeping their quarter grades up. Also, this is the first school year in a long time that LRHS semester exams will occur before Winter break.

Since most deadlines for college applications are arriving or have passed, many seniors are able to relax for the time being.

Senior Alex Ortega said, “This month I am just getting everything together with school. I am still applying to colleges, and I am planning on doing the SAT soon.”

Junior Cole Clark is one Mustang focusing on academics.

“Most of the clubs I am involved in are not doing much currently,” he said, “and since exams are so early this year, I am definitely focused on studying and doing well in all of my classes.”

Many students are still participating in off-campus activities, but are trying hard to focus on school as well.

“Since band season is over in a few weeks, I thankfully will be able to spend the next few weeks focused on school. I don’t really have a lot to catch up on, but I definitely am looking forward to spending all my time with school work,” said Junior Emily Miller.

Sophomore Mikaela Campbell said, “With a mixture of school and Silver Stars (dance team), it is hard to keep track of my time. But I stay focused, and it will be easier for the next couple weeks because in Silver Stars, we are just focusing on our national routines.”

Sophomore Ethan Rossi is focusing on school and his band. “My band has some gigs coming up and we are just practicing for now. I am also just trying to keep up with school.”

Freshman Garrett Wicks said, “Club soccer is taking a break, which is allowing me to focus more on school and the high school soccer season instead.”

Nov. 18 is the last day of school before Thanksgiving break starts. Mustangs will return back to school on Nov. 28.