Mustangs know their cows

Laney McFadden – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – There are many cows at LRHS as part of the school’s agriculture program, but two stand out in particular.

One of LRHS’s notable bovines. Agriculture is one of the school’s most popular programs

These two cows are the only dairy Brown Swiss cows that the LRHS agriculture department has.

Not only do their physical appearances stick out (they are brown while all the other cows are black) but their personalities, too. The roughly 1000 pound cows are full of personality and are always excited to see a person walking toward their gate.

“They’re like big dogs. They’re always happy to see you and are very lovable,” said junior Haley Reinoehl, the caretaker of the two dairy cows.

People otherwise unfamiliar with the cows may recognize them running across the field near the school’s agriculture barn.

These two cows and are scheduled to be shown in the Manatee County fair in January and the Florida State Fair in February.