Student help can assist LRHS nurses

Nick Maxham – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – People are quick to honor police officers, paramedics and firefighters. These men and women risk their lives everyday, but an underrated group of heroes is nurses.

School nurses comfort and help kids everyday. In some cases the nurse could be the biggest part of their day.

Students need to know that the nurse is always open and willing to help you if you are not feeling well.

Students also need to know that in order to be in the clinic they must have a pass, even if it is during a passing period or at lunch.

Our clinic is located in the discipline office. For those who are unaware of where that is, it is in between the music hall and the main office building.

LRHS nurse Susan Wheeler said the clinic staff is happy to help, but they need the vital information found on student health forms.

“Some students however, still have not turned in health forms from the beginning of the school year,”  said Wheeler.

These forms are important because they provide contact information and basic information that is essential when an emergency pops up.