Homecoming votes scheduled for Wednesday

Megan Spranger – Mustangs Ahead

(Lakewood Ranch, FL) – Wednesday is the day to cast votes for the 2016 homecoming court. In their lunch periods Mustangs have the chance to vote for who will walk across the field during the homecoming game.

Students running for homecoming court have already put up their posters on the walls of the 500 building to inspire the votes of Mustangs.

“I’m running with my boyfriend of three years,” said senior Shelby Haskins running for Homecoming Queen, “we are both equally excited to be running together as a senior couple.”

Students may vote only for Mustangs running in their grade level.

“I’m excited to vote for my friends running for homecoming court,” said Junior Evan Gates.

Homecoming week begins Oct. 25th and the homecoming court nominees will walk the field during the homecoming game on Oct. 28.