Lakewood’s got talent? Better believe it

Sammy Kedziora and Devin Manning – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – One special group of memories made at last week’s LRHS Homecoming was the “Lakewood’s Got Talent” show, which showcased 10 acts to a crowd of around 300 people.

The first place winners were Aiden Mendel, Kevin Mendel, and Ted Robinson performing “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix.

Second place went to Brandon Cox, performing as “Blind Fury,” playing A ¾ march named “Lochanside.”

Third place went to Barbara Frederico singing “Cowboy Casanova” by Carrie Underwood.

Theatre Director Roxanne Caravan said she was pleased with the turn out for the show.

“It was really good,” she said.  “There was a lot of diverse talent. It was a great crowd and the audience was very receptive, everyone had a great time in and out of the show.”

Other participants included Brianna Mamlock, Jimmy Kellman, Allyson Decker, Morgan Kirchman, Jake Edwards, Kyle Khuc and Parker Wilson.

Habitat for Humanity schedules first meeting

Tori Price and Tori Carr– Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The new LRHS Habitat for Humanity Club will hold its first meeting Nov. 2.  President Hannah Springer and Vice President Ivy Proffitt, seniors, say the meeting is scheduled for 2:15 in the auditorium.

Any students who want to join must pay a $20 membership fee by Nov. 9. This fee will include a club t-shirt.

The club will also provide community service hours when participating in activities, such as building houses for those in need.

Springer stated, “I hope to see a great turnout in this first meeting because this can help the community and the people in need. It is a great way to earn community service hours.”

The Habitat for Humanity is sponsored by LRHS teacher aide Jeanine Livingston.

Golden Herald applications now available

Lindsay Coleman – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Mustangs who want to compete for the Golden Herald, an award presented to seniors who go above and beyond in their community service, must turn in paperwork by the application deadline of Nov. 17.  The forms are available starting this week.

Applicants must fill out the forms and complete a personal interview with a panel of judges from the business community.

In order to qualify applicants –

  1. Must be nominated in one of the categories because of service and volunteer work within the school or community.
  2. Must obtain at least a B average in all classes and also within his or her academic area, and have taken classes in the subject area.
  3. have no referrals for major infractions with the discipline office, and have a good record with the administration, faculty and attendance officials.
  4. cannot have been suspended and still be considered as a potential nominee.
  5. Can list awards and honors earned in the category for which he or she wishes to be nominated.
  6. must be able to supply a letter of recommendation from a teacher testifying to the applicant’s suitability as a nominee. This teacher must be from the category’s subject area.

The  nominee must –

  1. Complete a 3-question essay application on or before all deadlines in an appropriate manner.
  2. Attend all Golden Herald meetings including any informational meetings; the mock interviews, the actual interview at the Bradenton Herald office and the Golden Herald ceremony itself.
  3. Dress appropriately for the mock interview, the actual interview and the ceremony itself in business attire.

“The Golden Herald is very competitive, each high school nominates two seniors. There can be up to 16-18 students in each category” said LRHS English teacher and Golden Herald coordinator Candy Delazzer.

Winners will receive a Golden Herald medallion and $1,000 cash. Honorable mentions will receive a $300 award and a trophy. All nominees will receive a certificate of merit. All other candidates have an equal opportunity to be chosen as winner of a secondary scholarship for $1,000.  The Golden Herald ceremony is scheduled for next Spring.


Mustangs “in the pink” to mark breast cancer awareness

Michael Rogers – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – October is known across the US as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or “Pink October.” The month is devoted to raising awareness to breast cancer, and to raise money for research of it’s cause and cure.

Be it local, or on national TV, you can expect to see a pink themed October. Students at Lakewood Ranch are also showing support for breast cancer awareness. Today, students and staff wore pink to support breast cancer awareness.

“I’m wearing pink in support of breast cancer awareness month. I don’t personally know any one who has been affected by breast cancer, but I feel it is important to show our support for those who have,” said junior Emma Price.

Freshman Gavin Gordan, wearing a pink polo, said “I personally think it is very important to show we care about breast cancer. By wearing pink, we are bringing attention to a serious issue.”

“My mother had breast cancer. I’m wearing pink today to support her and the many others who have suffered through it,” said cafeteria worker Vicki Persails.

Senior Logan Bounds was adorned in a pink t-shirt when he said, “I’m wearing pink because I support the cause of breast cancer awareness and I think it’s about time that we find the cure to this thing.”

During October, many people help raise awareness by getting decked out in pink and participating in activities such as runs and bicycle races. The White House is lit up pink for a set of days during October and the National Football League participates in Pink October through donning pink on their uniforms.