Mustang cheerleaders ready to compete

Kara Mae Mathis – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Contrary to popular belief, game day attractions are not the only things the cheerleaders practice for.

The LRHS Mustang cheerleaders have developed their competition team for the 2016-2017 season.

Unlike many teams, a spot on the Lakewood Ranch competition cheerleading team is not for certain. The spots on the team can change at any time, no cheerleader is guaranteed a place.  This way, alternates are an easy fill in.

There are 16 spots available on each team.

Junior varsity and varsity will both be competing in each of their divisions this year. However, cheerleaders from JV have been pulled to cheer on varsity, and varsity cheerleaders have occasionally moved onto the JV comp team.

“I am really excited to compete this year with my team,” said Freshman Kacy Bua, who has moved onto the Varsity comp team from JV.

The fluid system that the coaches are using this year calls for every cheerleader to still be a special asset to the team. All alternates practice the same skills as those on the competition team.  In case of injury or inability to cheer, they can step in at any time.

“Having this be my last year competing on this team is very emotional,” said senior Kylie Birch. “But I am very excited for this comp season.”