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(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The new LRHS physics teacher is Kyle Goudelock. He has been working for the past three years at another high school in Florida, and taught science and math classes. Previously he worked in California, where he also got his physics degree from Chico State in California.

Kyle Grodeluck is LRHS’s new physics teacher

Born and raised in California, Goudelock was always interested on how things worked. As a child he would break different items just to put them together.

As a part time job, Goudelock worked in construction. This was a hard physical job that made his body ache for days. Afterwards he went back to finish his major in physics, because he realized that was what he was passionate about led to a more manageable career.

One thing that Goudelock wants students to know is he genuinely cares about them. He wants students to consider their future consciously and to plan ahead. He is also very excited for students to get more involved in physics and learn about it.

Goudelock intends to improve the physics labs and to create an Advanced Placement class. Apart from being a physics major, he would like to coach basketball, create a chess club and have a biking association. Most importantly he wants students to enjoy their time at LRHS.