Mustangs, mustangs everywhere (online)

Sammy Kedziora and Devin Manning – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – The LRHS Student Government Association (SGA) has a snapchat account to get the school’s students and staff connected with what is going on with the school, sports, and clubs.

SGA president Victoria Boudreau, senior said, “Most students have snapchat so that way it’s easier to get information to them.”

The snapchat account will not follow the students back, but students can use the platform to reach out to SGA with any questions. The account will also be posting live feed from school sports events and reminders of important things happening at school.

Also with media at LRHS, twitter is a very popular place for clubs to make an account and post events. Mustangs Ahead is the primary online LRHS news site, but accounts are constantly increasing and include:

@lrhsnews1, @lrhssga, @coachfeix for LRHS Softball, @lrhs_theatre, @mustangfootball, @mustangmadnes13, @lwlive_events, @lwlive_dance, @lwl_sarahnews, @lwl_hannahnews, @lwl_breakfast, @lwl_movies, @lwl_anchornews, @lwl_katienews, @lwl_funfacts, @lwlbballgolf, @lrmustangsbball, @lrmustanghoops.