Mustangs know Fall means football

Jonathan Reid – Mustangs Ahead

(LAKEWOOD RANCH, FL) – Football season is off and running, and not just at LRHS, but across the United States, from high school to college to professional.

Mustangs are excited for a new season to start. Whether it’s eating chicken wings and pizza or wearing crazy clothes for your favorite team, it’s that time of year.

Mustang football began Aug. 25 at Tampa Jesuit while college football kicked off Friday, Aug. 26 with Hawaii and California taking the field. The National Football League starts its season on Thursday, Sept. 8, with the Carolina Panthers traveling to Denver for a Super Bowl 50 rematch against the Broncos.

Many LRHS students are happy football is back. They love to go out on a Friday night and root for their school.

Junior Chelsea Petruzzi is ready for the season.

“The best part is seeing all kinds of students coming together at an event and supporting our school,” she said.

Petruzzi also believes football brings people together and makes the US unique, since no other country plays it as much as Americans do.

Senior Sophia Falco loves supporting the Mustangs and knows how popular it is throughout the country as well.

“I feel like it’s someone’s patriotic duty to watch and support football,” she said.

College football is also coming into full force. Some fans, like sophomore Bryce Larkin, prefer college to high school football, or even the pros.

“It’s a lot more unexpected than pro football and it’s cool to see players develop over their college careers,” he said.

Professional football, the most watched sport in America, is making fans eager.

Junior Sarah Fazio loves the competitive nature of the sport.

“It’s fun to see your favorite team win,” she said.